The door handle that makes sanitising hands easy

PullClean means more clean hands

By dispensing hand sanitiser from the highest touch point in the building you will increase engagement. This is how PullClean handles work, reducing the risk of infection and improving staff and customer safety.

50% Increase In Hand Cleanliness

A John Hopkins University study showed an improvement in hand sanitisation rates from 24% to 77% when this product was used in a clinical setting.

Medical-Grade Sanitiser

When you use a PullClean handle you’re always getting premium medical grade hand sanitiser. It’s pleasant to touch, coats the hands evenly and leaves them feeling soft, clean and germ free. Tested to BSEN1276 and EN1500, PullClean sanitiser gel is effective at killing all known germs that can lead to infectious diseases, such as coronavirus.

Attractive Design

Our product isn’t just for pandemics but is designed to fit in long term. Whether it’s for a hospital or an upmarket restaurant there’s an option for you.

Trusted by organisations, large and small

PullClean handles are easy to install
and cartridges can be replaced in seconds.

Step One

Place the back plate onto the door and mark with a pencil where you’d like it to sit. Drill 2 holes as required.

*White Handle Version Installation

Step Two

Now align the handle and backplate to the holes and fix together with the supplied bolts and washers.

Step Three

Open the front of the handle using the key provided. Squeeze the cartridge nozzle to bleed sanitiser through and neatly place the cartridge inside. Give the paddle a few pumps to get the gel going.

Find out how PullClean will work for your industry.