Improving Hand Sanitisation
In Your Restaurant,
Hotel or Bar.

The PullClean Handle is the most visible way for your business to show it cares for the well-being of customers and staff, day in, day out.

Trusted by worldwide hospitality organisations

A handle that is stylish and effective

Easy access to hand sanitisation is more important than ever in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The PullClean handle helps keep people safe from infection and is designed to integrate neatly into the fabric of your premises.

What’s different about the PullClean handle?

Traditional Wall Mounted Dispenser

  • Out of their way
  • Inconsistent gel quality
  • Clinical and Unattractive
  • Just another product

The PullClean Handle

  • In the customer’s natural path
  • Premium medical grade sanitiser
  • Designed for stylish interiors
  • Award winning product

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Get Started With A PullClean Bundle

Get Started With A PullClean Bundle

Adding a PullClean handle to your premises can be a big change. We understand that. That’s why we’ve put together these bundles so you can see how it works in your environment.