Protect staff and students
from the threat of infection
with the PullClean sanitiser dispenser door handle.

How do you get students to keep their hands clean and germ free?

PullClean serves as a constant reminder that each time you walk through a doorway you should sanitise your hands. Educating people on the importance of good hand hygiene is critical to ensure buildings remain free from infection and staff and students are kept safe. We have created some effective messaging as a free download, which you can print off in A3 and display to help remind people of the importance of maintaining good and regular hand hygiene .


How does the PullClean handle benefit your School?

Improve hand hygiene by over 50%

A John Hopkins University study showed an improvement in hand sanitisation rates from 24% to 77% when this product was used in a clinical setting.

Increase confidence

PullClean Handles are the most visible and effective way a school, college or university can show its cares for the well-being of students and staff, day in, day out.

Low upkeep and maintenance

Hand sanitiser dispensers need refilling regularly to be effective. Fortunately, with PullClean it’s quick and easy for any member of staff to replace the cartridges.

The PullClean Handle revolutionises hand sanitisation for schools and colleges and helps keep students and staff safe.

Developing a sustainable hand hygiene culture

The development of a sustained hand hygiene culture starts with our children. PullClean not only keeps hands clean and people safe, it also helps teach children of the importance of breaking the chain of infection at critical touch points, such as the door handle.

What’s different about the PullClean handle?

Traditional Wall Mounted Dispenser

  • Out of people’s way
  • Inconsistent gel quality
  • Boring, everyday item
  • Just another sanitiser

The PullClean Handle

  • In their natural path
  • Premium medical grade sanitiser
  • Novel means of engagement
  • Award winning product

Don’t just take our word for it... READ THE PILOT STUDY

Get Started With A PullClean Bundle

Adding a PullClean handle to your premises can be a big change. We understand that. That’s why we’ve put together these bundles so you can see how it works in your environment.

The PullClean Handle is easy to
use and easy to install.

Step One

Place the back plate onto the door and mark with a pencil where you’d like it to sit. Drill 2 holes as required.

*White Handle Version Installation

Step Two

Now align the handle and backplate to the holes and fix together with the supplied bolts and washers.

Step Three

Open the front of the handle using the key provided. Squeeze the cartridge nozzle to bleed sanitiser through and neatly place the cartridge inside. Give the paddle a few pumps to get the gel going.

Ready to revolutionise your
hand's sanitisation?


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