Making Your School Or University Covid-19 Secure: Some Things To Consider

By Thomas | 12/23/2020

It’s been a crazy year for everyone but it’s been a particularly rough ride for schools, colleges and universities.

Closed for half the year, most institutions in the UK are now staying open. Albeit amidst stringent safety measures to ensure studying can continue.

You may be wondering how best to approach the situation where you are.

Are your staff safe to return to work? Are your students following guidelines meant to keep people safe? What can you do to increase the chances of hand sanitisation?

We’ve taken a look at some of the key challenges you now face and have suggested some things to consider when tackling them.

Also, we reckon we’ve got the ideal solution to many of these concerns. More on that at the end of the article.

Perception Is Important

How your institution is perceived by your local community and the general public should be a big consideration when making your buildings Covid secure.

The return of students to schools and universities has been labelled by some as a cause of the spike in Covid-19 cases.

There is added pressure to show you are taking the risk of infection seriously, instilling trust in your community and giving parents the confidence to send their kids in.

Whilst some might feel that young people are not taking the threat seriously, there are also many who would argue they take this threat very seriously indeed.

Many progressive, socially conscious teens and Uni students are very aware of how their actions could affect the vulnerable and want to be part of an institution that shares that concern.

If precautions aren’t put in place, they may not feel comfortable using your buildings, increasing the negative perception of your institution.

It’s in your interest to go the extra mile when it comes to hygiene and make some noise about what you’re doing whilst you’re at it.


Staff Are More At Risk

From the evidence we have available, it’s fair to assume that older people are more at risk from Covid-19 infection.

Student and pupil safety will have an impact on the public perception of your institution but the safety of staff should really be your main concern.

Whether they are at risk from students carrying the virus or from other members of staff, the changes you make have to cover both of these possibilities.

The question is do you feel safe when you walk into university, college or school buildings?

Do you feel that you are at risk from infection when you come into contact with door handles and other high touch points?


Placement Of Dispensers Is Important

One of the simplest ways of being Covid safe is putting hand sanitiser dispensers in your buildings.

But it’s no good just putting dispensers on every available wall.

Where you put them will change how much they are used.

We get it. They’re often bulky, ugly looking things that belong in a WC. But given the current risk of infectious diseases, that’s a small price to pay for people’s safety.

In a busy environment like a school or university, dispensers that sit on a corridor wall, often get ignored. Sanitising your hands isn’t a normal part of most staff and student’s routine.

Hopefully they’re using soap and water in the bathroom but they’re much less likely to sanitise moving from lesson to lesson.

You could try and cover all bases and put dispensers everywhere, but when many of these don’t get used, this is a needless added expense.

Putting fewer dispensers in places people can’t ignore is a much better strategy.

What better place than on a door itself! More on that in a bit.


Get Good Quality Hand Sanitiser

The quality of the hand sanitiser itself will also influence whether people continue to use it!

So much hand sanitiser gel is sticky, smelly or gives the feeling of being abrasive and harmful. They might try it once, but they’ll steer clear the next time if it’s no good.

On top of that it may not even meet the World Health Organisation’s standards for effectively killing bacteria, rendering it ineffective.

If you’re asking people to stick their hands under a pump you’ve got to make sure what comes out of it doesn’t put them off the experience and more importantly does what it’s supposed to.

Many cheap alternatives have a tendency to run off the hand and therefore don’t actually cover and clean the hands evenly.

It may be a bit more expensive but investing in gel that feels like it’s doing a good job and is more appealing to touch, is undoubtedly going to increase the amount of people using it.

This, in turn, will reduce the rates of infection. So, there’s a lot resting on it.


Sanitiser Dispensers Are The New Traffic Cone… Or So We’ve Heard. 

Yes, you read that right. Traffic cones have for a long time been the prime target of slightly sozzled students, exercising their newfound freedom at university.

Well, many sanitiser dispensers on the market are freestanding units and as such have become a new target for late night student shenanigans.

So, it’s not just getting people to use hand sanitiser that informs the placement of dispensers.

There’s not a great deal you can do to prevent this, we’d imagine, so to ensure you don’t have to keep replacing them, we suggest avoiding this kind of dispenser where possible.

If you needed another reason to avoid this kind, they can also be a trip hazard and may obstruct a fire route.


Does A Perfect Solution Really Exist?

So, given all those challenges and considerations, is there something which can solve a lot of these problems in one go?

Not only boosting the perception that you’re doing the right thing but actually putting tools in place that effectively curb the spread of infection in your institution.

Well, yes, actually there is.

PullClean sanitising door handles are designed to solve all of the problems above.

Founded by scientists and professionals from Oxford University, it’s the result of trying to find the perfect hand sanitising solution.


Why Does PullClean Work?

PullClean is effective because it puts a hand sanitiser dispenser in the path of everyone passing through a door.

You massively increase compliance, because it’s placed in people’s natural path, as they go about their day. They can’t ignore it.

It’s attached to the door so it’s not going anywhere and it looks stylish too. This is something which can stay in your building for the long term. It doesn’t need to be gotten rid of, the minute infection rates decrease.

It also only works with specialist PullClean cartridges which have the highest quality medical grade hand sanitiser in them. When you use a PullClean handle, you know you’re getting the best.

No sticky hands. No dodgy smell. Also, the cartridges are quick and easy to replace so anybody can do it.

The results speak for themselves. Hear what Magdalene College in Oxford have to say after they installed handles in their toilets and around the college.

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