Solve the Problem in Hand


A high viral load from toilets meaning that it is easier to pass on an infectious dose of the virus if hands are not properly washed.

Shared Spaces

PullClean breaks the chain of infection and can be fitted to all pull doors


Sponges, taps, handles, buttons and surfaces all harbor infection. PullClean helps keep this shared space safe.

Be Seen to be Clean


"There's no question the handles have made hand hygiene easier."

Head of Infection Control, NHS teaching hospital

Global Fast Food

"We have so many customers coming in and telling us how great it is... it's really reiterated how serious we are about hand hygiene"

Franchisee owner (5 restaurants)


"Our customers love it. We get asked about it about five times a day, I reckon"

Owner, Rose and Crown Pub, Oxford


I felt a bottle of hand sanitiser looked temporary and inadequate so by installing the PullClean handle we could assure patrons and members of the team that we are planning for the long-term.

Owner, Za'ta Restaurant, London